Work with me


As I adjust to my professional career, I am simultaneously transitioning from contracts to freelance gigs, working part-time to preserve my health and prioritize my creative life. Currently, I offer editorial packages, sensitivity reading, and a variety of Notion services geared towards mindful creatives.

I have 10+ years of experience with creative, academic, and professional writing, including journalism and the literary arts. I have been published in a variety of publications, and am versed in everything from poetry to personal essays and genre fiction. Check out my abridged portfolio

I have 5+ years of editorial experience working on staff at literary magazines, including Winter Tangerine and The Blueshift Journal. I was editor-in-chief of Monstering for over two years and was responsible for a majority of the editorial work on our inaugural issue, "Apotheosis." Most recently, I worked as a copy editor for BioNews Services, partnering with freelance columnists to produce polished copy.

I firmly believe that Notion can radically improve your workflow and electrify your creative life. I offer everything from one-on-one tutorials to templates and personalized builds. Check out my Notion templates


I offer sliding scale fees and discounts for individuals from marginalized communities. When booking a consult, please indicate if you need accommodations - I will reach out via email within 1-2 business days. I am dedicated to radical accessibility and will partner with you to ensure equitable access to services.


I offer the following services:

✧ Line edits

✧ Manuscript critiques

✧ Outline consultations


I have personal experience in the following areas:

✧ Physical disability

✧ Chronic illness - neuromuscular conditions

✧ Chronic pain - tension headaches

✧ Ableism

✧ Mental illness - depression, dysthymia, anxiety (generalized, social, illness), parasomnia (i.e., hypnagogic hallucinations)

✧ Therapy/counseling

✧ Trauma - medical, religious


Please note that my endorsement does not ensure that your work is free of potentially harmful content. I strongly encourage you to hire more than one sensitivity reader during the drafting or revising stages.


I offer the following services:

✧ One-on-one tutorials

✧ Personalized workspaces

✧ One-of-a-kind templates

✧ Personal websites - ideal for creatives who want a simple, easy-to-update, no-code website